Jumat, 23 Desember 2016

and Life Updates!

So, here I am.
Trying to ends this term beautifully.
While everyone probably already stay in their houses, and me, stay in here, till I don't even know when.
This could be my bittersweet month, B. but I should stay, right?
Well I should stay here, to finish my 2/3 ST. (Can I get an Aamiin?)
And today is the weekend. And I don't know how to fill my (oh it should be) holiday if I still in here.

I couldn't believe that I finally stay in here, for God's sake, it's been 3 years, and this is gonna be my last year WOHOOOO.
I've got so much things that I learned in here.

So, yea.
Although you're not as comfy as Solo, not as good as Yogyakarta,
I really wish I could finally leave you with release feeling, Rang. I really wish.

and people, I really need your pray and wish for me, to complete my last year in a good way.
ah, see ya byebye!

With love,