Senin, 16 Mei 2016


oh dear, B.
I'm having a problem with this case, we called it "oh-so-long-distance-relationship".
I find it hard to believe that I'm in that kind of situation, but hey I'm doing it anyway.
what do you feel when you consider yourself to be far far away from home?
from beloved mom and little bro?
or, what do you feel when you consider yourself to be separated by kilometers away?
so, ya, that's what I'm doing right now.

Oh that's the little case.
Another case is, when you finally meet them, your beloved, and you should leave em to doing your life like you always did, well for me, that feels so......sad.
well if you know me, I could always pretend that I didn't cry (while we all know that I did cry) then erase my tears in silence.
or having those worry things like,
How if I fail?
How if I didn't get them all the happy feelings?
What should I do now without them?
When will I meet them?
Could I hug my mom because it feels like i'm about to cry right now?
Does life hits them hard?
Why should I leave?

I know, right? 
But all I have to do is just wait and wait and wait and wait and........*sigh*
all I have to do is just to play with time, gives a chance to makes me happy when it comes to meet with all the love of my life.
Alright, I know.
I don't know that oh-so-called-long-distance-relationship could be this hard.

But I always know that it's worth to wait and worth to be fighting for, B.

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nice to read. write everyday then this will be something good for other maybe :)

sorry if my english not so good..