Kamis, 02 Juli 2015

after those hard times

"He's so kind, right? Really kind. I mean, he's such a guy who always be there, to help everyone without another purpose. Definitely. He's such a guy who never had an affair with another girl. A guy who never do anything without your consent."
".... I know"
"So, what else are you looking for?"
"It's not..."
"You know, nobody's perfect. There's always a good and bad side in every human being."
"It's not about a good or bad side..."
"Then what?"
"There's something, which is not to be forced...."
"He didn't want me, did he?"

Yha. just wondering why I still have this conversation, after a very long time.

Be happy, as always. Be good. So, should I say, take care?

Best Regards, Kiyora Milk Tea that you owe and promise to me.