Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

That One Day

That one day
We will meet after all these days
Saying hi or anything
Talking about everything

And that one day
We will find our way
Talking what we've been through, i mean, me and you
Talking about my plan and yours, too

That one day
We won't know if the worst thing would happen; that moment when we found out there's no other way
But it doesn't matter anymore
Cause we already know, we would find each other

And then I'll see you, smiling at me
And you'll caught me, smiling back at you

Cause we will find our way back
Like we always did
LIke we always do
You know that we will

And now, I caught myself, smiling for no reason
And hoping for that day
Cause, like what you said
Soon, my lady. Soon.

- N

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