Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

say hello for everyone who are strong enough!

What's on your mind when you see this?
Yep. As a human.
We definitely ever get our ups. our downs.
And all you can say is, this. "I'm okay."

And yes, as a social creature, we need everyone.
we need them to fulfill our life, to teach us about life, to be everything.
Life is about take and give, anyway.
what you give is what you get.
or like, what comes around, goes around.

You give everything for them, you do what they want you to do, and vice versa.
but all I can say is just this, we can't please everyone.
No matter how hard you try to be what they want you to be, there will be someone who doesn't like what you do.
And he or she doesn't even care about you.

See that picture?
when we get those words and when we get hurt.
And I know, we definitely ever felt that.

And it's life.
Life isn't as simple as fairy tales, but isn't as hard as your thought.
The more we live, the more we learn that life isn't about the theory.

we know, there are so many perception about life, but when we get our problems, what will we do?
we learn from the theory? oh well, but it won't change anything, actually.
so, what else?
well, dear, the first thing that you should do is just, face it.
and just believe this. "you're okay. as always. at least you have God, to heal your pain, to change everything."

No matter how hard your problem is, you should face it.
Face the reality.
Face what makes you become so weak.
because what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

And when you see this, promise me you can face your problem, okay?

You're strong enough to face your problem.
God gives you this problem because God knows you can survive.
and believe me, you can survive, too.
And let's say "whatsoever" for what people say, okay?

Hi dear, you're strong!

with love,


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