Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

why do girls cry more than boys?

Hello dear!
Well, actually I don't know why I want to write something here. Unconsciously, perhaps.
or actually, I don't have any idea.
but let me ask you one thing.
Do you know the reason why girls cry more than boys?
As we know, sometimes girls always ask, "Why we always cry? why not boys?"
or ask this, "Why we cry? though we know it won't change anything. they don't even cry for us, like the way we cry for them."

and here's the truth.
for girls, after they cry, they will get more power, somehow. They will be stronger. They will have more energy.
when they cry, their tears just like heal their pain, even just a little.
God made their tears as their medicine. dunno why.
But for boys, after they cry, they will become weaker.
God made them to protect their family, to be a guardian for their family.
If they cry, how can they protect their family from any problems?

So, girls, still asking why, huh?

enjoy your difference, people!
with love,


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