Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

life goes on

Hi Dear!
it's been a long time. well. a very very long time. I miss you, my blog.
And now, I'm really in a good mood anyway.
well, everything has changed, on their own way.
I won't tell about how, or when, or just like what. it just happened, somehow.
so when I see this blog and see how life already changed beautifully, I just laugh.
and I don't know how to give my expressions.
when I see something just like, well, love, I just laugh and feel so cheesy.
when I see something sad, I just remember that time and think, "Oh I ever felt like that, in that situation. But then, here I am. with my own life. I've survived. I've struggled."
well, Life goes on.
No matter how happy you are, or how sad you are, you'll lost that time. and when you remember that time, you'll have the opposite reaction, not as same as what you ever felt, in the past.

For everyone who said that they can't live they life anymore, you're perfectly wrong, Dear.
You know, you can survive and you can live your life, beautifully with your own way.
You can struggle, you can through your problem and in the end, you'll laugh at your problem and say "Well finally I can through you!" and your life will go on.

And all i know is, Don't ever put your happiness in someone, something or somewhere.
Your happiness is everywhere. It is only a matter of thought.
And remember, everything will change. Your life will change. You, will change. It depends on you - to make yourself be better or to make yourself be worse.
But who wants to be worse?
And here we are.
Dear you, I know you can through your problem.
I know you can struggle for your better life.
I know you can fight for your future.
Believe in me, okay?

Happy Sunday, everyone!

With love,