Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

sarcasm, huh?

Hello guys! Happy fasting!
Well. I'm in here.

Initially didn't intend to set foot here.
Initially just a fad. But apparently I missed writing.

Now I'm in XI ia 2. Elgrassias. Don't know why, suddenly I can fall in love with this class. But still, this class couldn't change my feeling for X5tream, definitely.
In this grade, I'm starting to think forward. More rational. Be real.
to think, to life, to know, in everything.
Just to make up my mind. just to feel happy again.
Seems like I forget one thing. now, I'm not talking about me.
I just want to discuss about this.....
well, I will discuss about it.
Love. seems like I really am a fool to discuss love.
'love is good. love with sincere. true love.' etc.
Get real!
Love is not about that, dear.
So far, I couldn't find true love like edward to bella in the twilight saga. like snap to lily. I couldn't find.
I just can find about a girl with a broken heart, a girl who just want to moving forward, or yeah whatever. Believe me. Love is not about that.
'And it kicks so hard, it breaks your bones
Cuts so deep, it hits your soul
Tears your skin, and makes your blood flow
It's better that you know that love is hard'
This. From J. Morrison. J. Morrison really know how to describe love. He is too sarcasm, right? But I actually agree with him.
'Love takes hostages
And gives them pain
Gives someone the power
To hurt you again and again
Oh, but they don't care'
That's true! Do you ever think about this? Well, no matter how hard you try to don't make the one that you love being hurted, he/she will be hurted. No matter. I guarantee you. Because when you are in love, you will be fragile. If there is a few bad thing that you don't like happen from the one you love, you just feel the pain. You definitely lie if you said you don't feel the pain or you aren't in love.
Oh, and if they're lucky, yeah
They'll, they'll get to see
And if they're really, really lucky
They'll, they'll get to feel
And if they're, they're truly blessed
Then they'll get to believe
And if you're damned
You'll never let yourself be deceived

yeah this. This is the point. But for me, everyone is blessed. No matter how. Everyone has their own way to find their only one. They just have a time to manage their life, if they're ready to be in love, they will. in the right time, in the right place, in the right feeling. And they don't have a reason to don't be in love or anything.
Just believe in God, right? Surrender to God and everything will be okay in the end :)
Well. that's all from me. I'm not sarcasm enough, right?
I write this not to make you afraid to be in love. Of course no. I just want to remind you, to be careful if you're in love. And don't ever give all of your love to your couple. Because when the thing that you don't want is happened, you'll really really down. I'm not knowledgeably. Cause I know how much it hurts btw :p

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

Anggaplah aku adalah si pemula.
Anggaplah aku adalah si baru.
Benar-benar baru.
Bahkan untuk sekedar mengerti saja akupun sungkan.

Lalu apa yang akan kamu lakukan untuk si pemula, seperti aku?

Aku hanya ingin tahu.
Sungguh, aku hanya ingin tahu.
Ingin tahu seberapa banyak yang bahkan peduli. Untuk sekedar melihat, atau bahkan melirikku.
Karena aku pemula.


Karena semakin kesini, semakin ngerasa kalau ada sesuatu yang aneh.
Ada sesuatu yang aneh yang hilang di dalam diriku.
Contoh kecilnya,
Aku kehilangan gaya tulisanku.
Aku seakan-akan lupa, seakan akan tidak pernah menulis apapun dengan caraku.
Terasa lain. Terasa kurang. Terasa kosong.
Bahkan untuk sebuah kausalitas yang akan aku tulis saja, aku tidak tahu.
Benar-benar kosong.
Sungguh. Tulisan ini kehilangan jiwanya.
Jiwa itu -entah apa- entah pergi kemana.

Dan...Tiba tiba males ngelanjutin karena otak ini rasanya -ibarat lidah, lidah ini kelu- seperti kehilangan sesuatu yang seharusnya aku tulis.