Kamis, 18 November 2010

and I call them.....

I'm gonna miss them.
Miss every parts when they come.
Miss every moments when they happen.

I'm gonna miss them.
They probably leave, although I don't know why.
And if I'm missing them, so what?

I don't know how to make it happen again.
I just understand how to make it better than I know.
And when they're leaving, what must I do?

'They' are good things in my life. They have so many kinds. There are best, real, fake.
I miss them although it really waste my time.
How can I miss them when I know that won't ever happen in twice?
How can I miss them when I know that they don't miss me back?

A silly one, right?
But I miss them damn much, a little too late to regret, a little to often, a little to much.
Am I wrong if I'm still believe that I can back to them?
Am I wrong if there's still be a believable?

Am I wrong?

anyway, I want you to know the right things.

When you miss them, they go.
When you thinking of them, they maybe understand but they can't come again.
When you go, they always catch you.
When you cry, they will entertain you.
When you leave, they will make you to remember them.

They still be the past, some of them is the best things in your life, it relative as you know.

And I call them.....


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