Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

yeyeyey :)

I'm so miss you -______-
and then, oh Allah thank's I can meet him :)
maybe I'm so happy and now I'm feel so free because I can meet him since one week somedays.
okay it's consequence because Long Distance Relationship a.k.a LDR.
yaaah so heavy, and maybe hurt because had too much to miss him.
but I never regret to love him.
I never regret to love him, anymore.
yaaah so many changes about him, he looks happy with his school now.
and I, I'm happy to hear that.
huaaaa wait for one week is so make me sad -_-
I want to like in the past.
can look him in the school, or meet him everyday I want.
but now, the condition is not the same as some months ago.
now he is very busy. he already has many schedule, about study, school, his band, his homework, his excul. and he can't deny his schedule.
yaaaaah I think I must be patient very deep :)
I know he has done the best for his life. if he happy, I must happy too like him, right?
at least, it can make me sad, but for him, I never feel sad :)
yah I hope it.

PS; Allah, thank's to keep me, thank's to give me the way to do the best, and thank's to give me everything I had :)
and big thank's ya Allah to keep him and my family in the hard life.
I hope Allah still make me love you and you too :)
because I love you, I love us and us.

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