Selasa, 28 Juli 2009


Dear my own,

I'm so happy, very happy because something makes me feel like someone which finds a treasure.
yesterday, I've studied in Nurul Fikri. and I had some problems and so lazy to do my habits in Tuesday.
but when the last lesson, teacher in NF came to the class. but I don't know him. Then he introduced his self. His name is Mr. Ahmad. maybe he is psikolog and for gave us support to National Exam and how to choose SHS later.
First, he told us about differences SHS in Bekasi and in Jakarta. uh, that's so make me scaried. I'm so scaried with my NEM and SHS.
and he asked us "what would you choose?"
maybe in Bekasi, we just choose 5 SHS or 1 SHS in Bekasi (if you want to do TEST before entry to there) but If you want to use NEM, maybe we just choose 2 SHS or 6 SHS or 3 SHS.
or in jakarta, we choose ten SHS, and no more test. (Alhamdulillah)
but my mother is dissagree if I'm in Jakarta :(
she said in Jakarta over independent and do anything just me, and no more help.
ok maybe I'll school in Bekasi.
yaaah and if you want to do test, huaaa I think you must study hard! yeah STUDY HARD.
oh, how about me?
I want to choose SMAN 5 Bekasi and that's mean I must Study hard. hard and hard -___-
no more play. hey NO MORE PLAY! what the *^&%^&%$#$@!
huaaa I'm so sad maybe. and everyday I must open my books to read about Science, Math, English, Indonesian or about exercise in National Exam. yaaah my head is full of about school, Exam, Math, Science, English, Indonesian, National Exam, task and everythiiing :(
OK back to Mr. Ahmad.
then he told us about someone who has been SUCCESS. her name is khairunnisa. he came from 9 JHS Bekasi. she had BIG DREAMS. she wanted school in 81 SHS Jakarta. heeeyaaaa, For your info, 81 SHS is Favourite School in Jakarta. and SHE HAS DONE IT! then she entranced AKSELERASI between 20 peoples who can entrance and get in 81 SHS. and then when she choosed University, she entranced in UI! hey UI! the best University and -everybody have known- popular in Indonesian.
Can I like that? I really want :(
yaaaah maybe from that's story, I can have many powers to do like that :) Amien..

PS; sorry I'm just want to make my language is better than yesterday and for entrance my chosen school :)


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