Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009

I was cried last night :'(

I was cried last night.
let my tears fall in night stillness.

let my eyes so sick.
in my mind just silence. I never know who am I.
or for what I live.
I never know. nobody's can telling me.

hey you, can you crying with me now?
there's just silence. I can't listen someone's reply my question.
I just in here. cried and still waited last night.

may I found you?
may I come to you?

I'm just already know.
may be I'll be in here now.
but tomorrow?
I won't know. I won't know what's happen tomorrow.
I just want to scream.
wherever I am.

hem maaf kalo bahasa inggris gue masih ngaco. belajar. huaa. tapi ini sih isi hati aja :(

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