Jumat, 23 Desember 2016

and Life Updates!

So, here I am.
Trying to ends this term beautifully.
While everyone probably already stay in their houses, and me, stay in here, till I don't even know when.
This could be my bittersweet month, B. but I should stay, right?
Well I should stay here, to finish my 2/3 ST. (Can I get an Aamiin?)
And today is the weekend. And I don't know how to fill my (oh it should be) holiday if I still in here.

I couldn't believe that I finally stay in here, for God's sake, it's been 3 years, and this is gonna be my last year WOHOOOO.
I've got so much things that I learned in here.
I've cursed everything. About my research, my KKN program, well, everything. And I feel so enough.
Oh skip it.

place where I stay, place where I say "Pokoknya kalo gue lulus, gue gabakalan balik kesini, I mean to stay in here. This really is a big NO NO for me!" "Eh, kecuali suami gue orang Semarang sih, hahahahahaha"
Semarang... I've been so enough with you.
But if you hate something that much, you should end that as soon as possible, right? like I ever read from somewhere,
Kalau kamu membenci sesuatu, maka selesaikanlah urusan kamu secepatnya.
Membenci tidak akan menyelesaikan suatu masalah. Tapi motivasi meninggalkan hal itulah yang akan menyelesaikan segalanya.

So, yea.
Although you're not as comfy as Solo, not as good as Yogyakarta,
I was so happy back then. I was.
I really wish I could finally leave you with release feeling, Rang. I really wish.
and I really wish I could feel that  happy feeling when I'm here, again, Rang.

and people, I really need your pray and wish for me, to complete my last year in a good way.
ah, see ya byebye!

With love,