Senin, 18 April 2016

oh so called messed up

I thought it was an okay.
I thought it was an okay for me to finally realize about how life surprised me in its way.
I don't know why, life. I'm asking you, like, really. how could you do this to me, life?
r u happy now, life?
r u laughing at me now, life?
How could you.
Nah, i'm surprised. thank you.
I'm so messed up, life.
Why r u doing this to me?
so you know that I'm a krayzay baby and so spoiled. I thought you know that I'm not that worth to be fighting for.
then, why, life?
I'm not worth it, right?
then, why?
you know that I'm asking too much.
and I know that I am.
But seriously, life.
Is this all you want me to going through?
I don't know what kind of surprise that you're going to give to me, but, thank you.
So ya.
When life gives you two choices, most people choose the third choice: to not choose. Right?
oh, I know I'm such an annoying person now.
oh and you know I always waiting for your another surprise, life.
and, thank you.
I'm just wondering about how and when.
about how it ends.
you know that it wasn't that easy right?
you know what I mean, right?

And now I cried, hard.

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